Friday, December 11, 2009

Athens Experimental Music Festival II

That's right. AEMfest is making another pass at Athens, bigger and possibly even better than last year.

Bands play 15 min sets, three stages around the room. Audience stands "in the round" and is assaulted. Tons of merch in any and all formats.

$7 at the door, all goes completely to the out-of-town bands.

02:20:00 PM Nyodene D (No-Coast power electronics) A
02:40:00 PM Drew Sherrick (Columbus free scum rock) B
03:00:00 PM Plasmic Formations (Dayton drone) C
03:20:00 PM Johnny Nebula (Columbus performance art) A
03:40:00 PM Bobb Hatt (Athens psych noise) B
04:00:00 PM The Bright Effs (Athens garage punk) C
04:20:00 PM Vivi C. Diem (Ohio gabber/hardcore/industrial) A
04:40:00 PM Teeth Collection (Dayton harsh noise / electro-acoustic) B
05:00:00 PM 24 Hours The Girl (Athens electro) C
05:20:00 PM Fluxmonkey (Cleveland synth experiments) A
05:40:00 PM Wizzard Beast (Athens Fantasy hardcore) B
06:00:00 PM Active Chainsaw (Athens gabber / breakbeat) C
06:20:00 PM Jim Mullin & Tom Sweet (Athens electro acoustic improvisation) A
06:40:00 PM Shapeless Shadow (Akron IDM) B
07:00:00 PM Murderous Vision (Cleveland death industrial) C
07:20:00 PM Interstates (Etc.) (Mansfield drone) A
07:40:00 PM Programs. (Athens industrial drone) B
08:00:00 PM John Revolta (Cleveland noisecore) C
08:20:00 PM Mr. Leg (Athens sampler electronica) A
08:40:00 PM Tomb of Dracula (Columbus harsh noise) B
09:00:00 PM Greenlander (Youngstown scum noise) C
09:20:00 PM Lowell Jacobs (Athens noise) A
09:40:00 PM Weedghost (Athens / Dayton drone powerhouse) B
10:00:00 PM Fascist Insect (Cleveland grind) C
10:20:00 PM Realicide (nomadic gabber/socio-political digital hardcore) A
10:40:00 PM Horrible Creeps (Columbus crust / downer hardcore) B
11:00:00 PM Dead Peasant Insurance (Cleveland no-wave / harsh noise rock) C
11:20:00 PM Blithe Field (Athens IDM / folk) A
11:40:00 PM Do Chimps Battle? (Columbus Sludge Metal) B
12:00:00 AM Sonofafuckingbitch (Ohio cybergrind/noisecore) C

Compilations of last year's recording will be for sale up until then. $5 each, data CD with over four hours of live recordings from last year's experimental music festival. 100% of these sales go towards out-of-town bands.

It's gonna be a goddamn blast.

for more info, contact

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flyers for AEMfest

Flyers are posted! Look for em around town.

flyer by Chip Koch

Flyer by Aaron Vilk

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Athens Experimental Music Festival (May 15th-16th)

The Action Committee, ACRN and Grundale Records are pleased to announce the Athens Experimental Music Festival, taking place May 15th and 16th, 2009. This festival is an eclectic mix of noise, metal, electronica and hardcore based in Athens, Ohio, one hour southeast of Columbus. The Athens Experimental Music Festival is donation-based, non-profit and will hopefully establish Athens as an up-and-coming hotbed for experimental music.

The Lineup:

Friday, May 15th, 2009

- The Crystal Castle (28 Central Avenue)
- 6 p.m.
- $5-$7 Donations (go directly to out-of-town bands)

- Sword Heaven (heavy noise rock from Columbus, releases on Load Records)
- Do Chimps Battle? (Sludge metal from Columbus, members of 333)
- Donner Party Dinner Party (noise and dubstep from Athens)
- Ginger Fetus (acid blues / no-wave from Columbus)
- Bobb Hatt Attack (free jazz / harsh noise / performance art from Athens)
- Submarine Spaceship (crusty lo-fi punk from Athens)
- Mr. Leg (gritty electronica from Athens)
- Interstates (Etc.) (droning noise from Mansfield, Ohio)
Nyodene D (power electronics from Athens)
- Matt Emmons (ambient drone from Athens, Ohio)

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
- The (Bruce) Manor (221 West Union St.)
- 6 p.m.
- $5-$7 Donations (go directly to out-of-town bands)

- Wasteland Jazz Unit & Ryan Jewell (noise/free jazz from Columbus / Cincinnatti)
- Wyatt Howland and David Russell (Cleveland / Chicago harsh noise, members of Relentless Corpse, Tanked and Skin Graft)
- Realicide (gabber/punk/noise from Cincinnatti and beyond)
- Robert Turman (Industrial ambient from Oberlin, Ohio, original member of NON)
- Andrew Kirschner (power electronics from Cleveland)
- Kid Panda Hands (psychedelic noise from Athens)
- Teeth Collection (electro-acoustic improv from Dayton, Ohio)
- H.x.B.x. (noise/powerviolence from Zanesville, Ohio, pronounced "Hollow Bones")
- programs. (drone / harsh noise from Athens)
- Vivi C. Diem (gabber / noise from Loveland, Ohio, ex-Realicide Youth)

AEMfest Barbecue

- Saturday, May 16th, 2009
- The (Bruce) Manor (221 West Union Street)
- 4:30 PM

- We will provide hot dogs / not dogs, buns, fresh vegetables (whatever we can find at the Farmers' Market) and a grill. Please bring donations (for the entree) or a side (vegan or non-vegan) such as salads, pastas, chips, soda, potato salads, cookies or whatever, really. Also, we need stuff like utensils, plates and napkins. The potluck, as well as both nights of the festival, are B.Y.O.B.

Athens' own Mr. Leg will be set up in the parlor to spin old school funk and soul records and lay down some beats of his own.

Lodging / Food / Parking

- There are several hotels in the Athens area (we DO NOT reccommend the Sunset Motel), but you are more than welcome to stay all weekend at both venues, as they are both houses with several couches. Preference will be given to travelling bands, but there should be plenty of room for everyone. Bobb Hatt and his roommates are willing to let out-of-towners stay at their house, The Beaver Ranch (40 Smith St.) located 2 blocks from The (Bruce) Manor and four blocks from The Crystal Castle)
- There are also plenty of bars and restaurants for any taste/diet located a short walk from both venues.
- There is limited parking at the venues themselves (for bands only, please), but there is plenty of on-street parking near the Crystal Castle (along Central Avenue) and in parking lots and along streets a short walk from The (Bruce) Manor.


- All bands / labels are encouraged to bring merchandise for sale/trade at the shows. There will be plenty of people who will buy and trade merchandise. We will try and have tables set aside for merchandise. Remember to bring extra cash (there are ATM machines uptown).


- The Crystal Castle is located at 28 Central Avenue, Athens, Ohio, 45701.
- The (Bruce) Manor is located at 221 West Union Street, Athens, Ohio, 45701.
- The Beaver Ranch is located at 40 Smith Street, Athens, Ohio, 45701


- If you have any questions, please direct them to