Friday, December 11, 2009

Athens Experimental Music Festival II

That's right. AEMfest is making another pass at Athens, bigger and possibly even better than last year.

Bands play 15 min sets, three stages around the room. Audience stands "in the round" and is assaulted. Tons of merch in any and all formats.

$7 at the door, all goes completely to the out-of-town bands.

02:20:00 PM Nyodene D (No-Coast power electronics) A
02:40:00 PM Drew Sherrick (Columbus free scum rock) B
03:00:00 PM Plasmic Formations (Dayton drone) C
03:20:00 PM Johnny Nebula (Columbus performance art) A
03:40:00 PM Bobb Hatt (Athens psych noise) B
04:00:00 PM The Bright Effs (Athens garage punk) C
04:20:00 PM Vivi C. Diem (Ohio gabber/hardcore/industrial) A
04:40:00 PM Teeth Collection (Dayton harsh noise / electro-acoustic) B
05:00:00 PM 24 Hours The Girl (Athens electro) C
05:20:00 PM Fluxmonkey (Cleveland synth experiments) A
05:40:00 PM Wizzard Beast (Athens Fantasy hardcore) B
06:00:00 PM Active Chainsaw (Athens gabber / breakbeat) C
06:20:00 PM Jim Mullin & Tom Sweet (Athens electro acoustic improvisation) A
06:40:00 PM Shapeless Shadow (Akron IDM) B
07:00:00 PM Murderous Vision (Cleveland death industrial) C
07:20:00 PM Interstates (Etc.) (Mansfield drone) A
07:40:00 PM Programs. (Athens industrial drone) B
08:00:00 PM John Revolta (Cleveland noisecore) C
08:20:00 PM Mr. Leg (Athens sampler electronica) A
08:40:00 PM Tomb of Dracula (Columbus harsh noise) B
09:00:00 PM Greenlander (Youngstown scum noise) C
09:20:00 PM Lowell Jacobs (Athens noise) A
09:40:00 PM Weedghost (Athens / Dayton drone powerhouse) B
10:00:00 PM Fascist Insect (Cleveland grind) C
10:20:00 PM Realicide (nomadic gabber/socio-political digital hardcore) A
10:40:00 PM Horrible Creeps (Columbus crust / downer hardcore) B
11:00:00 PM Dead Peasant Insurance (Cleveland no-wave / harsh noise rock) C
11:20:00 PM Blithe Field (Athens IDM / folk) A
11:40:00 PM Do Chimps Battle? (Columbus Sludge Metal) B
12:00:00 AM Sonofafuckingbitch (Ohio cybergrind/noisecore) C

Compilations of last year's recording will be for sale up until then. $5 each, data CD with over four hours of live recordings from last year's experimental music festival. 100% of these sales go towards out-of-town bands.

It's gonna be a goddamn blast.

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